Acupuncture offers many amazing benefits:

Relieving general every day stress. After a 1 hour session you will feel like you just had a good vacation.

Helping with anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems. Over several sessions these conditions will improve.

Resolving or reducing body pains that conventional medicine can only offer pain medications as a solution.

Using Acupuncture over a period of time will help you maintain or restore your vibrant health.

For acupuncture booking only. Please read about what to do before each session below.

Pre-session checklist:

  1. Please check with your insurance company to find out if acupuncture is covered. If it is covered, please take down a reference number for the conversation. If it is not covered, it is $40 per session.
  2. Please wear loose fitting clothes. For example, shirts that you can easily roll up the sleeves and pants that can be pulled up to the knees comfortably. Alternatively, a short sleeve shirt or shorts can work.
  3. Have something light to eat before your session.